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Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • You feel as though you’re barely treading water, just going through the motions of life.

  • Your past haunts you; you can’t escape.

  • Some days you struggle to get out of bed.

  • You long for connection with others, and you feel so alone.

  • You need space to breathe; to be heard; to be known; to be accepted for being you-REALLY you.


If so, I’m here to help.

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Most of us were never taught how to welcome and embrace different aspects of ourselves with curiosity and compassion. Instead, we often resist our feelings when they are unpleasant. We numb ourselves with food, alcohol, TV, Social Media, internet, sex and a host of other strategies. We also distract ourselves with work, shopping, relationships, and even with trying to feel happy. These are natural human responses to pain, but they usually leave us feeling emotionally congested, empty, or disconnected from ourselves.

In IFS, we believe that the mind is naturally made of parts (ex. one part of me loves him and another part of me hates him); this natural multiplicity is a good thing. Within each of us are protective parts and wounded parts, and IFS helps people heal through accessing, getting to know, and loving these parts. Think of a family, parts (like family members) can be forced into extreme roles and get sidetracked from their intended authentic states. All of us also have a core Self. We all have one; it cannot be damaged, and it knows how to heal. In IFS therapy, we learn to access our core Self and come to understand our parts, bringing healing along the way. This in turn leads to inner connectedness within us and connectedness in the outer world.

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While EMDR was initially shown effective for single-incident trauma, it is also helpful for many other concerns such as: anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias; chronic illness and medical issues; depression and bipolar disorders; dissociative disorders; eating disorders; grief and loss; pain; performance anxiety; personality disorders; PTSD and other trauma and stress-related issues; sexual assault; sleep disturbance; substance abuse and addiction; and violence and abuse.

EMDR helps facilitate your brain’s natural healing process. Following EMDR therapy, the images, sounds, and feelings associated with the memory are no longer re-lived when the event is brought to mind. You still remember what happened, but it is less upsetting and disturbing. This is where the true healing can begin and you can finally take control back into your hands.

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Anxiety and depression are often seen as two sides of the same coin; you may experience both or just one. Both can be debilitating. You may feel consistently sad and may lose interest in the things you once loved, or you may find that you get caught up with worry so much that it’s interfering with your ability to live a normal life. Both may interfere with your ability to enjoy and engage in life life, your ability to sleep, your appetite, and/or your relationships.

Therapy can help you understand your symptoms, can help you dig out the roots of these symptoms and work to resolve them, so you are able to function better, enjoy life, and begin to access your core Self again. As symptoms and roots of these symptoms resolve, you will experience more calm, connectedness (within yourself and with others), compassion, and clarity in your life.

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After an event that overloads our ability to cope and restricts our access to internal resources, we may experience trauma symptoms. Often after a single incident, these symptoms resolve themselves within about a month, as our brains naturally lead toward healing; however, experiencing multiple traumas in life (at any age) can have lasting effects. Common symptoms of trauma include: re-experiencing the trauma in forms of flashbacks, disturbing memories, or nightmares; difficulty sleeping; changes in appetite; avoiding things, people, and places that remind you of the traumatic event; difficulty experiencing positive emotions; feeling detached from others and even oneself; lack of interest in things one previously enjoyed; persistent negative emotional state (fear, shame, horror, anger, guilt, etc.); difficulty concentrating; increased startle response; feeling on edge and the need to watch surroundings; and more.

Therapy for trauma can help resolve troublesome symptoms, help you access the resources inside of yourself, and begin to reconnect not only with yourself but to the world around you. Over time, through various techniques, and most importantly, the therapeutic relationship, healing can occur, giving you the opportunity to get back to your authentic Self, or learning for the first time who your authentic Self truly is.

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Is your faith in Christ important to you? Are you desiring to grow in your relationship with Christ? Are you disappointed that your walk with Christ still involves struggles? Do you desire a safe environment to explore your faith in the context of your struggles? Have you been hurt by “the church” or other Christians and need a space to heal? These are common reasons people seek out a Christian Counselor.

Together, we can incorporate your faith and spirituality in the counseling process. If you choose, I strive to apply a biblical perspective to the challenges of life. I believe that people are made in God’s image, and to restore health to a person, it’s essential to consider the dimensions of both body and soul. My goal in Christian faith based counseling is to establish a context of growth by guiding individuals toward emotional and spiritual wholeness. You will learn how to connect with your faith and Christ, in spite of pain caused by others, or “the church.”

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Are you in the helping profession yourself and struggled to find a therapist who goes beyond simply asking, ‘what would you tell your client?’ This past year and a half has been difficult for all of us. Some therapists simply don’t get that therapists can’t simply therapize themselves. It’s like asking a surgeon to amputate their own foot! When seeking your own therapy, it’s important you have a safe space where you are not judged for having your own struggles and being imperfect.

I get it. I see and hear your struggle. In our work together, you will improve your ability to connect with yourself and an authentic way, you will have a safe space to be honest and open with your struggles, and have a place to process through your own “imposter syndrome.” You will find strength and learn to access your core authentic Self, which will improve your ability to be in your own skin and be available for others in a way you have always wanted.

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Hi! I'm Annie Beach!

I am an authentic, committed, passionate therapist that can help you become who you were created to be and help you access your authentic Self. I provide care for those experiencing emotions that feel out of control, confusion about their past, and feeling hopeless in life.

What makes me different: I accept people with immense compassion, just as they are, without judgement.