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Women’s Trauma Survivors Support Group in McKinney, Texas


Loneliness and isolation makes all mental health struggles worse.


COMMON MYTH: I have to white-knuckle my way through my trauma.  


TRUTH:  Research shows that the biggest factor in resilience after trauma is having social support and community. 

You might long for a space to feel validated and supported with others that know what it’s like to survive trauma. 

You might find yourself having a hard time knowing what you can share with others because people seem overwhelmed when you tell them your experience. 

You might find yourself feeling isolated and alone in your struggles to make sense of your trauma and regain control of your life. 

You might find yourself feeling helpless when trying to suppress your traumatic event and you don’t know how to take care of yourself. 

You might find yourself feeling negative or hopeless about most areas of your life. 

For trauma survivors, the most important thing we need in our recovery is community support. 

You might be: 

  • Chronically upset and distressed no matter how much you try to control your feelings

  • Overwhelmed when hanging out with your friends

  • Foggy or dissociative in most areas of your life

  • Overwhelmed with how to feel “normal” again 

  • Worried that you are “too broken” to be in healthy relationships again

    We help women untangle the complicated feelings of recovering after trauma in a supportive group therapy environment so you can get back to feeling like yourself. 

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Do you feel…

  • Alone in trying to process your traumatic experience

  • Worried about how your friends and family will react to your story

  • Feelings of guilt and shame that keep you from sharing your needs with others

You might also feel…

  • Anxious when hanging out with people that don’t know your story

  • Overwhelmed with dread when traumatic memories are triggered

  • Rumination over your negative feelings or thoughts

  • Frightening and surprising negative thoughts

Get the support and help you deserve. We have a specialized women’s trauma group to help you make sense of your experience within a supportive environment.

Loneliness in your trauma stops here.

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