About Me

Experienced. Licensed. Supportive.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of Texas and Virginia.

My passion is to help you on this journey of life, to help you work through trauma and/or pain that you have endured thus far on your journey. My goal, as I walk along side you, is to help you find your internal strength, so you can begin to overcome areas in your life where you've become stuck. Through my education, training, and experience, I skillfully work with you to identify, target, and resolve areas for growth and improve functioning for greater life satisfaction. I believe we are all have access to the strength and wisdom needed to embrace the storms we face. I believe your journey is unique to you, and you have a purpose and a destiny that is unlike anyone else's. You deserve a life of contentment and joy. As we work together, you will begin to understand how dysfunctional behaviors and beliefs began and how they were at one time effective at keeping you safe; as time progressed in your life, these behaviors and beliefs began to cause problems, yet this is what you knew to do. As we identify these beginning, we will work to bring healing to these areas through various techniques, and eventually you will find that these behaviors and beliefs are no longer necessary. Strengths will emerge as you develop greater understanding of yourself; strengths you may not have realized you have. My purpose and my passion is to help you clear away the damage that has gotten in the way of you realizing and fulfilling your purpose so that you can live the vibrant life that was intended for you to live.  

Here are some of the details of my career journey thus far: 

I graduated from Liberty University in August 2015 with a Masters with high distinction in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Certificate of Completion in Trauma Studies. I worked as an outpatient therapist in a community mental health agency for almost two years. I worked in Mental Health Emergency Services for the three years. And for the past year and a half, I have worked with people with substance use addictions.


My background in community mental health, crisis, and substance abuse, along with my training in EMDR has afforded me experience working with adults who have experienced significant life events such as childhood abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, relationship issues, divorce, and job loss.


One of the common denominators I've noticed along the way is trauma; it is interwoven throughout so many lives, so many people do not even realize that they have experienced trauma. Trauma can be what we call "Big T Trauma," such as abuse, neglect, a major accident, combat, or a natural disaster; or what some don't even realize is trauma (often referred to as "little t traumas") such as witnessing domestic violence (or other violence), having an absent parent (physically or emotionally), being bullied in school, experiencing a move at a significant point in your life, or any other experience that has created some form of pain that has left a lasting impact. I had already found passion in working with people who had experienced trauma, but I identified this as an area in which I would dedicate my career and pursue additional trainings to improve my skill and competence in this area. 

I am currently training to utilize the IFS (Internal Family Systems) model of treatment. Click here to learn more about Internal Family Systems. 

I completed EMDR Training Parts 1 & 2 through the EMDRIA approved EMDR Consulting in Columbus, Indiana in May 2016. Click here to learn more about EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you. Get in touch to learn more.